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Mindful Yoga

Gayle helps her students reduce stress and be more Mindful through Yoga.  She encourages her yoga students to start from where they are, creating an environment where each student is comfortable practicing at their own level. 


Whether teaching a private session or group class, the focus is on conscious breath with movements and function over form, helping her students to practice in a way that is right for them.  Wanting her students to experience the transformative benefits of yoga and mindfulness, on and off the mat, Gayle works with her students to develop a home practice, encouraging them to practice every day, even if just for a few minutes.


Gayle also combines her love of yoga with her experience as a college professor and business communication consultant.  She speaks to groups about how Mindfulness and Yoga can reduce stress and help you just feel better.  In her practice, and as a teacher, Gayle is inspired by her students as well as the wonderful Mindfulness and Yoga teachers she has studied with and learned so much from.



Yoga Trainings and Certificates Include:

Heart of Yoga Certified teacher with Mark Whitwell,

Prime of Life Inspired teacher training with Larry Payne,

200Hr. RYT teacher training, Kriya Yoga

Vinyasa Krama Certificate with Sriasta Ramaswami, at Lyola Marymount UniversityStudy

Study with A.G. MohanStudy with Ganesh Mohan

Heart of Yoga Peace Project founding board member, teacher development program

Leslie Kaminoff Yoga Anatomy Training

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