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For Organizations

Corporate Mindfulness

Offering customized mindfulness training, speaking and coaching in Houston and mindfulness coaching via Zoom or phone.

My style is practical, supportive and designed for the specific needs of the group or individual. Having worked

many years as a corporate consultant and university professor, I bring a unique perspective to teaching

Mindfulness in a business and professional environment.

Programs Include:


Introduction to Mindfulness

A short workshop that provides an overview of Mindfulness, the benefits and science to support,

guided meditation and tools to be more mindful in everyday life

Mindfulness and Meditation classes

A six weeks series of 90 minute classes offered on-site that will provide participants the foundation

of knowledge and practice to begin incorporating mindfulness and mediation in their life

Catch your Breath Program for Women

​A workshop tailored to support work-life balance for women in the workforce with practices based

on mindfulness


De-Stress for Wellness

​An interactive session for “Type A” people who want to learn some healthy ways to lessen stress

but don’t see themselves meditating


On-site Meditation Groups

Supporting the initiation of onsite mediation group through instruction and mentoring 


Presentations at conferences, meetings or retreats on topics related to Mindfulness

For more information, please contact me.

The Mindfulness Training helped me learn to anchor myself in the present moment.  From day one, the teaching on not believing all of my thoughts has greatly benefited my life.

                     - Sean T. 6-Week Mindfulness

                       Class Participant

Learning to be Mindful has enabled me to embrace the joy in my life by using my breath to return to the present moment.

                          - Mindfulness Class Participant,

                             City of Santa Monica

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