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For Individuals

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

- Jon Kabbat Zinn

Mindfulness Coaching

Starting with an initial assessment to clearly define your short and long term goals, we will create a strategy for attaining your objectives through mindfulness and developing a consistent meditation practice.  By learning to be with what is happening moment to moment, you reduce the stress associated with thinking about the past or future and live life with more ease.

We can't control most circumstances that come our way, but we can learn to deal with them more effectively.

Programs Include:

Mindfulness Meditation Training

for those new to the practice or those who want more structured support

Mindfulness in Daily Life

mentoring and coaching on how to apply mindfulness to every day life.

Mindfulness Training for Coaches and Therapists

Learn to share the healing teachings of mindfulness and meditation with your clients.

Mindfulness Teacher Coaching

Helping new Mindfulness Teachers share the teachings with confidence and clarity

Individual mindfulness coaching and training in person, phone or skype.

For more information, please contact me.

"Gayle was my mentor during the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program I participated in, her support and feedback proved immensely helpful to me. The requirements were considerable, and I found Gayle was highly skillful in coaching me by reinforcing my strengths and offering innovative suggestions for deepening my skills.  It was, in short, my good fortune to have Gayle as my mentor during this training program."

    - April H. Mindfulness Teacher and University Professor

"I started working with Gayle Brickman to learn how to integrate mindfulness tools with my corporate coaching clients. The coaching sessions immediately helped me to be more available and connected to my clients and more present and less stressed in my daily life. I’ve been so inspired by her teachings, and feel grateful to have worked with her. I continue to see the gifts of her coaching in all aspects of my life."

             -Lori K. Corporate Coach


"I had the opportunity work with Gayle via Skype regarding Mindfulness teaching and my Mindfulness practice.  Her warmth, connection and genuine concern made my time with her so valuable.  Gayle offered me practical tools that I was able to implement immediately. "

-Jen P. Mindfulness Teacher

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