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Only when we are attentive in each moment do we find satisfaction in our lives.
- Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness

Reduce Stress and Live More Mindfully

Mindfulness is simply present moment awareness without resistance. Often people think that their minds are too busy or that meditation and mindfulness are too abstract to incorporate into their daily lives. But mindfulness is as simple as bringing your attention back to what is happening in the present moment. Anyone can learn to reduce stress and live more mindfully.



Benefits of Mindfulness

Studies support the many benefits of mindfulness including:

  • Reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and chronic pain

  • Increase immunity

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduce reactivity

  • Increase focus, peace and happiness

Coaching and Training

Corporate mindfulness training and speaking in Los Angeles and online mindfulness coaching.

"Gayle is one of the best mentors I have ever had; she is a genuinely warm and insightful person who helped me a lot to improve my Mindfulness teaching style and approach. Her kindness and rich experience as a Mindfulness coach is a true asset. I would not hesitate to recommend Gayle to anyone seeking to enhance their inner and outer awareness!"


Michiru Tamanai

Managing Director, Lotus Insight Global Pte.Ltd.

(Former Chief of HR, UNICEF India)

About Gayle

My clients develop tools to reduce stress and live more mindfully in all aspects of their lives. By learning to be with what is happening moment to moment, you reduce the stress associated with thinking about the past or future and live life with more clarity and ease.  


I offer corporate mindfulness training in Los Angeles and online mindfulness coaching. The mindfulness training and coaching is the synthesis of my experience as a presentation consultant and professor, and long time mindfulness practitioner and teacher.

As a mindfulness and meditation coach and trainer, I offer a highly personalized approach that is customized for each client. In a supportive atmosphere, I help my clients to develop a consistent mindfulness practice, live with more ease and attain the professional and personal growth they're striving for.

Recent Mindfulness Projects/Clients

Marriott Corporation

Magellan Development Group

R&G Engineering

Lux Lab Santa Monica

Museum of Contemporary Art

Panel participant,  Latino Network

On-line mindfulness private clients

Department of Cultural Affairs

Evolve Her

Dessert View Prison, Los Angeles area

Millennium Park Association

Various Not for Profits

YMCA Santa Monica

Four Foundations of Mindfulness Class Series

Mindfulness Sitting Group, Insight Chicago

Guided Meditations InsightLA

Teacher's Development Group InsightLA Los Angeles

Chicago Mindfulness coaching training speaking

I offer Mindfulness Coaching in-person in the Houston area and by Zoom or phone. We will work together to help you develop a consistent meditation practice and develop tools to live life more Mindfully.  I also work with coaches and therapists helping them to share the benefits of Mindfulness Practice with their clients.  Please email me for a free 15 minute consultation.


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